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We will match or beat most any sale price on any PV module, Trace inverter, Servel refrigerator, Trojan Battery or any other product we sell!

Invertek True Sinewave 24 Volt Inverter

24 VDC Models
744-1024 1000W DAI-1000-24 was $575 now: $287 Invertek 300W Inverter (DSCN1199)

The Invertek true sine-wave inverters are just what's needed to run that one small load your modified sinewave inverter can’t power without noise (or possibly at all). They can be used for portable drill and cell phone battery chargers, and higher end stereo equipment, including a turntable.

The Inverteks are well made, housed in an aluminum chassis. They feature the usual under and over voltage protection, over-temperature shutdown, and overload protection. They consume 8 to 10 watts in the “ON” mode. The 1000W and 1500W models have a stand-by mode. 30-day money back warranty only.

Small Modified Sine Wave Inverters

These are samples we bought and then decided only to carry small sine-wave inverters:

300W Power Pro was $99 now $50 We have one.
400W Samlex now $50 We have two.
800W Samlex now $69 We have one.

Sylvania Compact Fluorescents

15W Reflector

Normally $19 now $5 We have 16.


12V Motor Speed Control 5A

12V DC Motor only. 5 Amps Max.
Normally $39 now $15. We have three.

12V Motor Speed Control 8A

12V DC Motor only. 8 Amps Max.
Normally $45 now $20. We have three.

12V Motor Speed Control 11A

12V DC Motor only. 11 Amps Max.
Normally $55 now $25. We have three.

Brand Power Meters less than 1/2 Price

See Meters for details
Normally $149.95 now $59 We have 4.

Square-D Circuit Breakers and Boxes 50% Off

The circuit breakers listed below are rated for DC current (up to 48VDC) as well as AC current. They have a maximum of 2000 amps interrupt current. We are now using only DC circuit breakers rated at 10,000 amps interrupt current. You do not need a series fuse with the DC breakers we now use. One is required when using Square-D breakers.

343-1xx 20,30,40,60A Single Pole $7 limited qtys
343-2xx 20,30,40,50,60A Double Pole $15 limited qtys
351-00 2 Position Load Center $20 have 9
  (breakers not included)  
351-006 6 Position Load Center $25 have 1
  (breakers not included)  

Fall/Winter Sale

The following items are on sale at reduced prices temporarily so order quickly.  Remember you are not able to order online so call us to place your order at 1-800-914-4131.

Solar Module Sale

We have 18 SunWize 60W solar modules that were purchased on clearance. Sale: $249 each

We have one Mitsubishi 110W solar module which was returned to us unused. Sale: $459

Magnum Inverter Sale

Save 20% on Magnum MS inverters: MS4024AE and MS4448AE

OutBack Inverter Sale

Save 20% on All OutBack Inverters

Integrated DC Compact Fluorescent Lighting Deeply Discounted

834-2415 D/E Integrated Bulb 24V 15W $11 have 8

24VDC Thin-Lite Fixtures Discounted 50%

811-291 Thin-Lite 291 24v 8w 400 lumens $22 have 9
811-293 Thin-Lite 293 24v 15w 870 lumens $23 have 13
812-282 Thin-Lite 282 24v 18w 1250 lumens $38 have 6
812-286 Thin-Lite 286 24v 36w 2900 lumens $38 have 7
810-208 Thin-Lite 208 24v 22w $24 have 7

Backwoods Home Magazine "Best-of" Books Discounted 50%

See Books page for descriptions.

Our System Picture Offer is Still Good!


We have been offering $100 credit on anything from this catalog for the use of your picture on our catalog cover. There is no limitation on how you could use the credit–sale items, you name it.

We have been offering $25 credit on any new picture used on the inside pages of the catalog.

Both of these offers are ongoing and still valid.

Just remember we can't return the pictures, so make sure you send us duplicates.

Thanks and I hope we use your picture!

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